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Originally Posted by raichean View Post
Any last minute advice before Saturday? I think I have my logs all setup with the suggested values. I have also slightly brushed off the rest on my excel skills on my test log, so I can graph out multi-axis values and actually show them simultaneously.

Also, I *assume* the pulls should be in 4th gear (6MT)? Thought I would double check.. my stock pulls a year ago were on the suggestion of the shop then. My last runs were one in 3rd, and 2 in 4th.

I am going to run logs, plus interior and exterior video just for fun and will compile the video and share that and the logs and dyno graphs here.
4th gear all runs if stock FMIC
5th gear all runs if FMIC/DP

Have Dyno operator start progressively at 2000 rpm and logging the dyno run until 6900rpm no less no more

Last but not least, bring a usb thumb drive so you can put your Dyno files in there
Originally Posted by F30_SixSpeed View Post
5th gear will yield the most accurate (and usually higher) numbers. It is the 1:1 gear ratio on the 6MT. I would do them in 5th.

Only downfall is if on stock intercooler, car will heatsoak a bit more up top and if the speed limiter is not removed (assuming yours is) it will hit the speed limiter.
100% i would dyno in 4th gear if on stock IC for sure

You gotta turn off DSC Off ? since car will prob cut or spin on rollers in Sport+ right?

A few things he can manipulate
- Letting car cool off with hood open
- Cool temps at Dyno or and good air-flow will help
- Leave hood open on Dyno
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