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You can get the adapter from like 1,000 places, I got mine from Avin when I ordered the deck for my E46 a couple of years ago.

For the review, happy to describe what is the butt-dyno differences. The active 8 is absolutely a great product, and felt smoother than the JB4 though my sample time with that was shorter, and never got beyond map 1 or 5. A8 was a smooth ramp with a big surge around 2600 RPM that really was a kick in the pants as you crossed that line. With my other bolt ons, I was roughly 330rwp/330 torque with the A8.

The new ECU tune is a different monster and for understandable reasons. Setting aside the ability to change the sport gauges and the like, it is absolutely a more specific and I suspect more aggressive tune. The car feels MUCH stronger than before, and in what feels like a linear curve than a surge like before. If I am coming hard out of 2nd or 3rd, especially 2nd, I feel like I get some back end wiggle that I never had before stock or with the A8. With the M4 sport gauges code in place, I can easily put both needles around 370ish without any trouble, though we all know those gauges are a SWAG at best. The real test will be full dyno and logs this weekend, plus I will provide all of that back to AA for review, and any further possible modifications based on that data. In addition, I will have the AA DP as soon as they ship me one, and will dyno yet again.

I have ZERO desire to push my motor, turbo or components to the breaking point, but its clear there is a lot of ceiling room on these motors and I want to get closer to that.
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