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Originally Posted by DigitalArts View Post
Heya! I've read a substantial amount of posts on here dating back to 2012 about the same issue I'm experiencing but none of them are concluded with a detailed resolution.

The noise I'm experiencing is most noticeably heard from the rear driver's side, but can be heard at times on all 4 corners. It is a heavy knock that sounds like what would be a bad ball joint in an older vehicle and I most noticeably hear it when the vehicle is cold and driving over small bumps at 1-15 mph

Is this an issue which has a common resolution?
I made a thread about this recently and believe that you are describing an issue that is caused by the steering rack. Best way to describe it is a wobble noise over road imperfections at low speeds. I've also noticed that as it's gotten colder, the noise has gotten worse and appears more frequenty.

BMW makes a repair kit for the rack, as it is a very common issue, but it's hard to get and dealers know little about it. I ordered it and will have it installed to see if it makes a difference. Others have swapped this part and the issue resolved completely. I'm very hopeful and will keep you updated.
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