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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
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Did the author of the app explain the science behind disabling xDrive system, which is a permanent AWD system?

One can theoretically remove the front drive shaft but other xDrive components will continue operate as intended.
Is this delete simply setting the transfer clutch to open? What else can it be? If so, would anyone with xDrive really want to drive thousands of miles with extra heat building up in the transfer box?

As I see it, it is going to add premature wear to the transfer box, even extra oil changes in the box may not be enough to keep longevity.

the other question; Does it impinge on DSC function in any way?

To me, this is not an engineering solution at all, could well be asking for trouble.
The creator says it keeps DSC enabled and doesnt set any errors off it simply replaces a data set that will keep the transfer case clutch open this sending power to the rear wheels and none to the front. apparantly this is similar to how the M Xdrive works.