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Originally Posted by chaungo View Post
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How can they be breaking anything if what they say in the manual is true - that they are simply taking advantage of the dynamic distribution which is there by design....?

I suspect it ain't as simple as that
dynamic distribution when needed

I suspect running the same bias all the time (exception is RWD only) probably isn't good for something that's new on the f-series, remember, that manual was made for e-series first. I sent in an email asking more about what they meant about weaker.

Why are you so suspect? e-series guys have been running this for a LONG time and there is absolutely no drawbacks, noone has posted any damage on their side of the forums. I'm currently running it and quite honestly, I don't see anything in the long term either, and I'm also running their transmission flash.

Not to mention, I currently have 140k miles on the car.

If you keep being afraid something is going to break because you think the science doesn't add up, you're never going to be able to enjoy what aftermarket companies are going to release.
The fact that a product is released before the supporting documentation (as informal as it is) is updated is one thing.

But more importantly - the 2 additional modes are described as still dynamically redistributing torque/power (as stock), just differently allocated, with higher rear bias. If components fail by doing that, they will certainly fail in pure RWD mode as well!

And last but not least - it is not the breaking of something that is the primary concern of many here, if you've read the previous posts. It is the SAFETY, which is affected by the product of a group of anonymous people with questionable competence and presumably very limited testing abilities. If the subject matter was interior lights or a mod to the iDrive - completely different story.

And I am not sure how it is in your countries, but in most of Europe, if you get into an accident, a roadworthiness investigation follows. If it is discovered that you modded your drivetrain - you WILL get the entire blame for the accident (even if you didn't cause it) as you were driving a vehicle which is not roadworthy as it has no approval for the mod. Subsequently also the insurance company will only wish you good luck.
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