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Originally Posted by Banana Hammock View Post
Is "that time of the month" an urban legend? Is there a specific time of the month where cops try harder to issue citations?
Urban legend! Speaking for California (...and most urban cities) specifically, there's no quotas or anything like that. We do have directed enforcement periods - for example, DUI checkpoints/enforcement on NYE - but that's about it. The time of the month is largely irrelevant. Sure, I am/we are expected to write citations and make arrests (...some of this is driven by contract cities) as it's a component of our job, but it doesn't matter when I do it........just that it gets done. If I'm working a crime car, I'm not really enforcing traffic at all; I am focused on robberies, burglaries, DV calls or other calls for service. You'd have to do something flagrant in my presence for me to jam you up.

Note: As a CHP Officer I focused largely on traffic citations, accidents and DUI's (...with lots of car chases mixed in). As a Deputy, I deal with more robberies, burglaries, assaults, ADW's, parents wanting me to parent their child, elder abuse, missing persons, etc. As a result of the changing scope of my job, my perspective may be from that of a traffic/highway officer or a crime car Deputy. I have also worked jails, so I have perspective on that as well.