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Originally Posted by colorado.e9x View Post
You got any crazy stories?
Tons! I could tell you about a TC where 7 people stuffed themselves into an '91 EG Honda Civic hatchback and crashed; bodies strewn all over the freeway.....


How CHP units were some of the first on scene for that San Bernardino, California terrorist attack that occurred in December 2015. Surreal is an understatement.


How an inmate pulled his eye out and ate it.

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Thanks! I love BMW's and I love what I do......even though I'm crazy for doing it.

I think the most common excuse usually begins with, "I didn't know.....", even though I know that the motorist knew that they were speeding, didn't have license plates, etc. With rare exception, we all know when we're breaking the law. I approach enforcement from the mindset that I try to avoid being hypocritical. I don't run a front plate on my car, for example, so I'm not going to jam somebody up over the lack of a front plate if that's the only infraction that I notice. I will, however, write tint citations (...or use it as RS to pull somebody over and hopefully find a way into that car). I don't have tint on any car though. The reason why tint matters [to me] is because it's a professional/occupational hazard, especially in low light conditions. Somebody could be pointing a gun at me and I wouldn't have the slightest clue, so I approach EVERY tinted car prepared for shit to hit the fan.
Ahh nice background on tint, I never thought of it in such a way.

So playing dumb pisses you off, rightfully so!

Thanks for letting the front plate slide too, you the man!
It doesn't piss me off so much as it makes me just roll my eyes. It's for that reason that it's a refreshing change for somebody to just say, "Hey Sir! I know I was speeding, but I'm tired and just trying to get home. Can I be given some leniency?! I'll slow it down."
For me, I would probably let the motorist go absent any other issues (...suspended or revoked license, no registration and/or insurance, etc.).

As for tint.....

....I just want to help people realize and/or understand why cops might have a hard-on for that type of infraction, and to not take it personal if they are cited for it. If the motorist worked a job where tint could be the difference between life and death, they might better understand where a cop is coming from.