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I'll be honest I wasn't expecting something as horrific as even the small descriptions you just said. Yet I'm intrigued :

As for window tint, would it be better if someone with dark tint were to roll all their windows all the way down during a traffic stop?
Well if you're intrigued, I'll tell you.

During a T-stop.....

.....turn off the car, roll down all windows, turn on the interior lights, and place your hands on the steering wheel. Have your license and registration easily/readily accessible, and have your front passenger place their hands on their knees; rear passengers hands on the headrests. Doing that will ease law enforcement. We are always looking at hands and watching for movement, so making it easier for us will keep tension at a minimum.
Sure, why not

That's good information to know. I've never been pulled over so that's pretty useful. I've been pretty stupid once though. Never even crossed my mind until after the event. A group of friends and I were out cruising around and whatnot, so we stopped at Taco Bell right before it closed. After we were done eating, we were just hanging out bullshitting and whatnot. Anyway, I guess there were reports of street racing in the area.. Three policemen approach us in the parking lot to ask questions and all that fun stuff

I had my hands in my hoodie pullover pocket that entire time we were talking, and I was still clueless as to why a couple of them had their hands on their holster. Clueless me

Anyways, I feel like rummaging around trying to find my registration or getting my wallet out from my back pocket would look suspicious? Once again, have never been pulled over.