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I got the yellow kit a few weeks ago. To be honest I'm not too thrilled on the color, there's a bit of a weird green in it. It's like that Austin yellow the f80 comes in.

I'm about ready to install them. I decided to go with ebc redstuff pads over the ones that came in the kit. If anyone wants a new set of the pads, for sale, msg me. I don't think I need these dust shields either.

I also got the stoptech lines. I'm just going to stick with the pentosyn dot 4 lv. Do I really need the computer to bleed, can't I just tap the calipers and the abs pump thing with a rubber mallet? I feel like that's in the same category as using a torque wrench for everything.

There were a few posts about the rear caliper bolts being difficult to get at. Any issues back there, I would think an impact can fit?