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Originally Posted by jh_f30 View Post
I can certainly appreciate that! With that said, I recently did an OBD Flash with you guys and I'm definitely enjoying the newfound power. How much continued research and updates do you do to already-existing maps? Do I need to stay up-to-date with any added features or the like?

Also, one potential "leg-up" BM3 and MHD seem to have is built-in logging capabilities. Any plans of implementing that with the Simon3? I think that the offer of 4 custom maps included in your package is great, and part of the reason I went with AA, but without direct logging capabilities, it makes it kind of moot unless I can get onto a dyno to do some logged runs (added cost). Idk, these are just my thoughts as someone new to the tuning realm. Am I wrong?

Last quick question relating to flash tunes. I'm currently on a 91oct map, I know I can request an E30 map if I want to run an E85 mix, but the question is, when would I flash the new map? Before or after filling a few gallons of E85? I don't think it'd be realistic to flash the map at the gas station, so either I'd be running the E30 map on 91oct gas on my way to the station, or I'd be running an E30 mix on the 91oct map on my way home from the station. Nearest Propel station is around 20 miles away from where I live.
Thanks for the input! We're always developing and I'm sure we will have updates as time goes on. If we do update one of the maps you have there's no charge to get the updated file. If you intend on running an e30 map, you could flash the car prior to heading to the station, just don't run it at WOT or you may encounter a CEL.

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Solid response. Thank you.
You're welcome! We love to provide as much insight as to what's going on over here when we can!