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Originally Posted by arnsbrae
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Yep! The difference is clear on YouTube!! The Sport Auto is DCT fast, whilst the Standard Auto is just what you'd expect from an auto. It really annoyed me when I tested the standard auto because it had constant power interruptions and wasn't smooth at all! The Sport Auto is brilliant! DCT quick, Maybach smooth
"Better software"

Fascinating. Makes you wonder why they would put better software on one car and worse software on another...

I feel such a fool for not noticing just how bad the standard automatic box was when I test drove it. What was I thinking about? What with the constant power interruptions and all. Tell me again - how much faster is the car with the sport auto?

And to think I could have seen the difference on YouTube.

Anyway, it's great to see how much you love your car and the choices you have made on the options list. Nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm.
The Standard Auto isn't "bad" at all in fact it's a very good transmission, but it's not as good as the Sport Auto in my opinion and it's a shame it isn't offered on all Lines in the US. For just software differences, the change is staggering. Why they feel the need to offer 2 types of transmission, I don't get apart from money making.

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