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Originally Posted by achopra View Post
So, I came to a 335i from a MB SLK 350 and we also have a G37 in the family and I am quite disappointed with the exhaust note on the 335i. I understand that the 335i is a luxury sedan and is probably supposed to be quiet until you are pushing it ... but I enjoy having a bit of engine note in the cabin, especially when listening to music, so that I can shift the transmission without looking at the tachometer. To me how a car sounds is as important as how fast it goes. Also, the aggressive looks on my MSport don't match the engine note. Its like a burly man with the voice of an adolescent teenager.
Are you serious? The way some of these guys try to make fun of the 328i sound I would have thought the standard 335i exhaust was music to ears.

Just messing, although I agree the 335i is a little better than the 328i, it could still be improved.