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tell about loosing rpms to heavily modified diesel owners like bmw 35d or bmw triturbo 50d with nearly 500hp, they will smoke any modified ewg 335i while revving max up to 4500rpm. If you think that horsepower at e.g. 8000rpm is more real than same horsepower at 4000rpm - you are wrong. horsepower is horsepower. You did not answer my question if any stock ewg 335i could do 0-100mph in less than 10 seconds? Every that I've tested was doing it 1.5-2 seconds later and as you probably understand - it's huge difference.

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Both cars were xi when we ran.

And even if you shift early to stay in powerband, you're losing 1000rpm which is huge, he's able to stay longer in a gear and make the same amount of power.