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Originally Posted by Nacho98 View Post
Curious what the consensus is here on these two models.

Both have pros and cons, and while the BMW is bigger they compete on price/market segment, so this could be interesting.

I'd be looking at a 320 xdrive with sport, lighting, AT (downtown traffic), heated seats, power seats, fold down seats, and possibly premium package since it would be nice to have comfort access and lumbar support. This is getting a little spendy for a 320i if I add premium, but don't really want to go all the way up to a 328 though and the 320 would still be cheaper.

The A3 would be a premium plus with the 2.0T/Quattro (Haldex), Bang and Olufsen, lighting, sport, S-line, black headliner.

Have owned 2 325s in the past, but never an Audi. Have owned a couple VWs which have been good for us. Haven't driven either the 320 or the A3 yet. Both cars come in around ~$41k MSRP.

The 320 is more practical as it's larger, and probably has better chassis dynamics. It's down on power though, and the interior isn't as nice IMO. Not sure how xdrive compares to the Haldex (read: not true quattro) of the A3. Don't like that I have to pay 5 bills just for split folding seats. Probably the biggest complaint though is no HK audio option on the 320, which admittedly is a big deal for me as I love my tunes loud and clear and like having a subwoofer without going aftermarket.

The A3 I think is the better looking car inside and out (LOVE the clean/modern interior, so fresh and different) and doesn't have the bottom-end stigma the 320 does (doesn't really bother me though, I know the 320 is probably the truest BMW built today based on history). Also makes a little more power and probably weighs less. Smaller though so less practical, may not drive as good as the BMW.

So at face value, the Audi might seem like the better choice in my case in terms of styling inside/out and features, but the BMW is probably more practical and probably more fun to drive, which makes up for some of the deficiencies. I'm kind of ehhh on the haldex setup on the A3 and don't know how it compares to xdrive.

Which would you choose and why?
Go with the 320i. As nice as the A3 is there going to be one too many situations in which it's too small. That situation will happen a lot less with the 320. And while you can up the power on either car, you can't make either car larger than it was built.

As noted, the price vs. power on the 320i XDrive doesn't make sense. Shelling out 4 grand more for XDrive on the 320 makes is much less attractive. It's practically hitting 328 (RWD) pricing.

Good luck.