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I own a 320i and I've driven the A3. If you're looking for features/options the A3 is a good bet. If you prefer a great driving experience the 320i is miles ahead.

From an engine standpoint, the BMW N20 is better than the VW EA888, even in the detuned form in the 320i. Its very quick around town and tuned cheaply and effectively with BMS stage 1 or JB4.

From a trans standpoint, the BMW ZF 8AT is great, much better than the A3 dual clutch. And of course the 320i is available with a 6MT and the A3 is not.

From a AWD perspective, Audi Torsen is great but the A3 comes with haldex since its on a transverse platform. BMW x-drive is probably better than haldex. Disclaimer, I have RWD on my 320.

The 320i is bigger than the A3, but weight is roughly the same. I like the idea that Audi is selling a premium car that's so small, but realistically the F30 is an ideal size for me and I'd probably find A3 too small for daily duties.