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Thanks for all the feedback so far, this is helpful.

Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
You can get HK in the 320i for the regular price if you have a CA who's willing to do a little legwork.
Now this I didn't know, details?

Originally Posted by menncars View Post
Go with the 320i. As nice as the A3 is there going to be one too many situations in which it's too small. That situation will happen a lot less with the 320. And while you can up the power on either car, you can't make either car larger than it was built.

As noted, the price vs. power on the 320i XDrive doesn't make sense. Shelling out 4 grand more for XDrive on the 320 makes is much less attractive. It's practically hitting 328 (RWD) pricing.

Good luck.
The size is one of the two real concerns with the Audi (haldex/FWD platform being the other) that I think wouldn't be a problem with the 320i. I never haul people so not really concerned about headroom (might have a little one at some point but not anytime soon and the car would be gone before they got big enough for it to matter), but I do make Home Depot runs often and the 320i would be better. I like smaller cars, but the A3 might be just too small.

Originally Posted by tex2670 View Post
Don't rule out a CPO Elite 328. You can get a former dealer loaner or executive car with under 10,000 mi for the same price as the 320 you are considering, with an additional 25,000 mi and 1 year on the warranty.
I thought about this but after 5 new cars, it's really hard to go back to used...but I think if I did go used, I'd step up to a 2013 (or hopefully a facelifted 2014) E-class. Not a lot of cars out there I'd be willing to go used on, but the E-class would be one of them. For a 3 I'd rather get a new 320 than a used 328.

Originally Posted by sjpaul View Post
From a trans standpoint, the BMW ZF 8AT is great, much better than the A3 dual clutch.
This is surprising and interesting to hear. I know the ZF is a great tranny (and actually I don't mind that it's a traditional auto so it doesn't do any odd behavior like a lot of manufacturers' DCTs), but I thought Audi/VW made some of the best DSGs around (except Porsche's PDK)?