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Originally Posted by Nacho98 View Post
This is surprising and interesting to hear. I know the ZF is a great tranny (and actually I don't mind that it's a traditional auto so it doesn't do any odd behavior like a lot of manufacturers' DCTs), but I thought Audi/VW made some of the best DSGs around (except Porsche's PDK)?
I don't doubt that the actual gearbox is very capable. I was really disappointed with the way it was programmed to work with the EA888 engine. The trans had a very hard time deciding what gear was appropriate. That, coupled with turbo lag from the engine, made the experience very non-linear. Especially compared with the ZF8 which is almost telepathic.

(and I'll admit, I'm further biased by the lack of a 6MT. If you're gonna force buyers into your DSG, it damn well better be excellent)