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Steering rack - is there a permanent fix?

Hi all,

Unfortunately the drivers front side is knocking on my 2013 320i. Itís not that bad though, and could live with it if it doesnít get any worse.

Question is, have BMW found a permanent fix? Majority of the threads I read people say the sound comes back not long after they have the rack replaced.

I bought my car from an independent dealer and have 3 months statutory warranty. Iím trying to decide whether to bring it in for them to look at and try to fix, or leave as it. My concern is if there is no permanent fix and I get the rack changed, it might end up being the same or worse. Being a independent dealer, theyíll most likely use second hand parts for repair, so it might continue to knock if changed.

Let us know if there are any of you that have managed to fix the knocking coming from the front right suspension for good.

Thanks very much.