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Will require a new rack fitting. Doubt your garage will be able to do it as requires coding to the car.

These racks have been changed about 5 times since your car was made. Latest being EO last year if LHD or start of this year if RHD.

I had mine changed by BMW in November. Cost about £300 as done under goodwill including diagnostic time.
J306TD - Can I ask how you were able to get such a great goodwill deal (and perhaps from where)? I have this issue and am two years out of warranty, but am looking for the best strategy to go to my dealership with, such that I can avoid a repair bill costing several thousand!!

Many thanks
I took the car to my local garage at first thinking it was suspension bush. But they diagnosed as faulty rack. So went to my local dealer who also checked and agreed the rack was at fault. Car has full BMW SH so they claimed for goodwill.

There is no harm in giving it a go as you have nothing to loose well apart from 1 hour Labour but can be found in 15 mins