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Your tire is clearly rolled over:

1) Keep PSI high until it is up to temperature. Coded the tire temp/psi display and watch that closely.

2) Our car is heavy for its tires especially the front tires. Drive as smooth as possible and try to shift weight to the rear of the car.

3) Get more seat time: more track days / autocross / karting. In my personal 0.02, track is not the safest place to test the limit at the beginning. Spend some time in autocross helps a lot in understanding the limit of the car and how to process the feedback. It is much safer to push the limit in autocross environment when you spin at 40-50 mph instead of 120 mph.

4) Get extreme summer tire 200tw: these tires have much higher heat tolerance (wider operating window) will allow you to push the car longer / more consistently.