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1. What do you mean? They supposed to come on when you hit the fog light button. They will turn off when you hit again. If the steering wheel is turned one of them will come on as a cornering light.

2. Mine is the same. front gap between wheel and fender is larger than the rear gap.

3. I think no. I would like to do the same thing. Every time I need to take out the key or go into the car again to get the kdi out from the rear seat.

4. I have the DHP. In comfort mode it is not as stiff as a typical BMW 3 series and very comfortable but I can`t say it is plush.

You need to hit the button on the garage door motor since they have a rolling code technology. Without pushing the learn button on the motor, it won`t work. I think it is to prevent someone capture your signal and open the door.
My car had shipping blocks on them which caused it to sit higher in the front. The car no longer sits higher in the front after removing the blocks.

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