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Originally Posted by dcg71 View Post
Yeah, and you could also buy a 430kW/740Nm HSV GTS for about the same price as your 328i. A lot of people would argue that your car is overpriced.
At least the 405Ms are a legitimate performance upgrade. I.e. they're forged and lightweight. I paid about $4200 for mine with new Pirelli p-zero run flats. If you account for the cost of the tyres, the wheels roughly set me back about $2300. Not overpriced for a set of forged wheels I think.
Hi mate thought better let you know 328i are not that much about 70 i think, the 340i top 3 series (no M3) is under $90k drive away and GST i was quoted $102k
Spend $8000 on performance kit on bmw and faster and much better than the HSV will be for maybe another 10 years unfortunately( I say that as bought 10 new holdens and this 1st bmw), last two cars have been HSV and unlikely the next.

You got a great bargin i thought i did well with 4500 for rims and wheels. They are 6k for rims only from bmw australia, thats crazy.

Your sooooo right about the weight its crazy. 45kg including packagingmine are with UPS flying around the world. Hope they look great not seen on a car yet in real life.