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I am still relatively new to RFTs in terms of my experience with them, but so far I don't like them so far as handling - tramlining, jittery and often hard ride. Not so worried about the hard ride, but the tramlining and jittery part I can't stand. Then if one of the tyres goes flat from a nail or similar object, which is more often the case, most tyre repair centres won't repair the tyre because they prefer to assume that you have driven on the deflated tyre. And having a space-saver spare doesn't always change this though - so you end up having to replace the tyre instead of patching it. The having no proper space for a spare wheel in the boot is the most silly thing though... So what is worse? Sitting on the side of the road at night with a can of goo trying to fix a RFT in candle light, or reaching into the boot and finding a spare wheel?

Something I am curious about though with regards to driving on a deflated RFT tyre - the tyre is designed to run against the wheel rim with the inner part of the rim protector on the tyre, this surely must cause a fair amount of scuffing??

I would say BMW should rather offer RTFs as an option with a normal spare wheel (or even space-saver) under the boot mat. But I have a feeling that's not going to happen...