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Originally Posted by MotoEV View Post
Not sure how you are seeing 27?

The car is essentially a 335i with a hybrid add-in. The car uses a quick replenish battery to recapture regenerated energy and use it for low demand and high demand situations.

For example when driving in the city in traffic with ECO Pro enabled I have averaged 34-37 MPG, lower CO2, none of the start/stop jerkiness,while having full air-conditioning available. On the highway, the AH3 full disconnects the drivetrain and coasts when power demand is low. Driving 70 MPH, I see 34 MPG.

The AH3 is not a BMW Prius and was not meant to be. The car is a lower CO2 alternative for markets where your ECO score and / or tax band is determined by CO2 emissions: Emissions: AH3: 139g/km CO2 335i: 232g/km CO2

I simply love the additional mid-range power reserve you get In Sport + when the engine is supplemented by the hybrid battery
Someone posted they were seeing 27mpg per tank on the AH3. If you are seeing 34MPH per tank that would be worth it to me. I was just suprised at the 27mpg.