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Originally Posted by mikew2069 View Post
Man so I just spent some time last night trying to install the downpipe. I got under the car and unbolted the four nuts and had the stock DP free but there was no way in h3ll I could undo the sensors. They are on the wrong side of the DP and there was just no angle. Plus being on my back under the car made it even worse of a PITA.

So I bolted the stock stuff back on and drove around to a couple shops today. I was quoted $200-$300 by three different shops which is rediculous for something I could have done in 1.5 hours on my back if those sensors were more accessable. I'll probably just pony up and pay to get it installed Wed unless there are any words of widsom to be shared on those sensors...


Its much easier to follow the sensors back, unplug them, and removed the o2 sensors with the cat off the car. Youll need to access where they plug in up top for best access.