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If manufacturers made a consumer camera that was better than a phone camera.... that would definitely help them a bit. Unfortunately that can't seem to get that. I am always looking for one to use on vacations when it is not a good idea to bring the good stuff. I have bought several to try and every one of them got sent back because they simply sucked.

Keep in mind the operative word here is consumer. Not professionals secord (third, or fourth) camera. Or semi pro... or photo enthusiast..... this eliminates all the upper half of point and shoot cameras as not many consumers are going to drop $800 on a point and shoot.

The only advantage to consumer cameras over phone cameras is optical zoom. literally everything else is a win for the phone camera.

Another thing that manufacturers do it cut their own throats, is having so many models. Even as a pro photographer who understands all the specs, it is hard to decide what one tops the list. It's easier to walk away and just use the phone. There is no point to having more than 4-5 models.