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Originally Posted by bavarianboar
I saw an M-sport line 335i at a dealership in EB II and Black interior with Aluminium Hexagon. The black looked really cheap compared to E90. You open the front arm rest storage compartment and the boundary of that gave a look of some black shirt which has been ironed so many times, that the whiteness has started to show. Overall was pretty disappointed with the interior quality. Even looking much harder I can't find anything like this in the E9x platform.

Aluminium Hexagon trim looked quite similar to Carbon Fiber trim, though I am not sure if that is something factory ordered on a car sitting at the dealership parking lot. I always imagined Al Hex trim to be a lot more elegant and sharp looking.

Now before this thread turns into E90 vs F30 interior battle, I do want to say the following.

Also test drove another 335i with Coral Red interior and that looked quite fabulous inside. I was pleased by the look and feel and it felt a lot better in built even though the black sections seem the same.

Could this be due to the MY? Maybe the 335i with CR was built later than the one with Black interior? Maybe that translates to slight improvement in interior quality.

This cannot be due to sun damage, because this is typically going to be the usage scenario for any car.

E90 vs F30 comparison is out of question because we are in the F30 era. IMHO, as a keen observer of good design and quality, I am disappointed that the step has been slightly backwards.

Final question - has anyone noticed improvement in interior built quality as new Model Years are rolled out?

Any 335i vs 328i interior differences. Likely none!

Thank you guys!
I was in the same boat as you were till a drove a 328i with blck dash and redline built in SA, everything was cracking, felt very cheap and made the interior look very very small, and that high gloss is easy to scratch + show off dust like nothing else
Got a 335i M-Sport with hex and blue line, the car is SOLID, no cracking the the trim is perfect.

If u decide to get M-Sport with coral red interior then get silver or blk as exterior color with black trim, as the blue strip may be too much of a mix

Btw, my car was build in Germany - Euro delivery
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