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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
No interior differences in the 328 vs 335, and should be none from '13 to '14 although they might get a little better at putting things together, something I found when driving '12's vs 13's.

What you experienced was likely just car to car variation. They can also be built at both the SA and Germany plants, some debate the quality of each plant.

Hex is real metal, I had it off the car and you can see it and feel it clearly. It is also much cooler to the touch than the rest of the plastic.
Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
I hope that is only car to car and build location subtle differences.

Hex felt good to touch on F30 but I think it looks too busy the way that design is adapted in it current form. Personal preference of course. I faintly remember how clean the Al hexagon trim was on the E90s, which I might be confusing with something aftermarket. That is an old story though.

Originally Posted by 64-bit View Post
I was in the same boat as you were till a drove a 328i with blck dash and redline built in SA, everything was cracking, felt very cheap and made the interior look very very small, and that high gloss is easy to scratch + show off dust like nothing else
Got a 335i M-Sport with hex and blue line, the car is SOLID, no cracking the the trim is perfect.

If u decide to get M-Sport with coral red interior then get silver or blk as exterior color with black trim, as the blue strip may be too much of a mix

Btw, my car was build in Germany - Euro delivery
Thanks! That is a bit reassuring.

I plan to go with the chrome accent, with Anthracite trim, the Aluminum Hexagon Trim does not look that great IMHO (also personal opinion). Thankfully I can get that with CR interior leather. I plan to order my car to be build in Germany too, fingers crossed on which animal's leather I get.

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