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I can see how you would feel that way. The center console components are a little harder plastic than the rest but I think that is for durability. The memory buttons I think have to be that composition or the touch sensitivity would be lost. I agree I do have al little bit of a burr on the seam of the signal arm. Overall I like the fitment and quality.


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Thanks, yeah I should say quality of materials and not build quality. You are right, that mainly concerns the fitment and not materials themselves.

Guess it was too late for me to have edited my post with more explanation. I was not much concerned with the leather itself apart from the center console that mentioned in my first post. Could be just that specific car. But it is more about the dash materials in true sense.

The knobs for the turn signals and wipers seem a slight step backwards too, perhaps to make them lighter, and not as good to touch.

I think I have already beaten this to death.

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