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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
Newbie to this. Was thinking of getting the PPK but w/ the delay, minor power boost (20hp) and anticipated cost, thinking this might be a better route to take.

What should I know before going this route? Engine failures, warranty issues (is it really untraceable), reliability, etc?

Would appreciate a view on this.

Also - what is involved in the install. The PDF isn't clear at all on the JB website. Really need to know exactly what needs to be plugged into what. I see like 9 connections on the harness, and yet it indicates that the F30 only needs 2 connections???
I'm debating the same ideas as you... JB4 for approx double hp/tq and far cheaper, but the small potential for warranty issues.

As far as the install, everyone who has done it says it's really simple once you do it, but the instructions are a bit confusing. The 2011 used all 3 connections, but the F30 apparently doesn't use one of them. I'm not sure about the 9 connections, but you're basically plugging the jb4 connection into the car's connections then the cars back into the jb4 (kinda rerouting everything to the jb4 then back to the car). Hopefully that makes sense...

Someone who has actually done the install may be able to explain better. I'm told it's about a 15 mins job (or less if you've done it before), more if you want to do some fancy rerouting of cables into the car or something.