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Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
I'm not a fan of street circuits, but I do agree with what you're saying.
There has to be some way of penalizing off track adventures w/o involving arbitrary marshaling.

They tried it at some venues with astroturf, but that doesn't work....
Not sure what the answer is but they need to come up with something.
Originally Posted by madmax240 View Post
F1 tracks are too safe compared to the old tracks.
If the run off areas were not giant expanses of concrete, drivers wouldn't take liberties going off track.

give me a street circuit with hard walls any day. at least put grass or gravel 1m outside the white lines.

then if you cut a corner, you lose time. Unless there is a wall there, then you'll probably lose a wheel.

I remember Verstappen's first time at Monaco, he tagged the wall twice during the weekend.

IMO ... it all boils down to marshaling. F1 like pretty much any sport is riddled with inconsistencies regarding marshaling. This issue is exacerbated due to the relatively low number of incidents during a race.

These are all top professional drivers (some are champions in either F1 or other racing disciplines). Each and every one of them are expected to not only push the limits of their cars, but the track to gain that extra 10th or 100th of a second. They are all capable of keeping their car between the white lines if instructed.

Regarding installing any kind of physical boundary (which may cause damage to the cars and potential injury to the drivers). Where I see it is the marshals could simply instill harder set guidelines regarding the track surface. No more of this ... 4 wheels off. Go to 2 wheels ... make them ride the line. This will make the tracks tighter like that of a street course. This will tighten up the grid and make for a bit more exciting racing. Of course track speeds will drop ... but it may give more mid-pack teams a chance to race the top teams. Sure passing will be harder ... but that will make qualifying that much more important. If drivers go more than 2 wheels, regardless of gaining a position ... penalize them. The only exception would be if someone is pushed off the track .... the automatically make the offending driver give the spot. No if's, and's, or but's ... after a few drivers are penalized the rest will fall in line.

Do I want to see this? ... no. I'd rather let them race each other as hard as possible ... to take risks ... to put their cars on the edge of destruction at every corner ... but that's not the way it is. So if there's going to be rules ... the marshals need to be much more concise and clear on their expectations.