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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Yep, that is definitely the new Nav shown on the BYO website for the standard 3er. You can tell by the 3D style "cursor" and fade-away left side menu.

I did some quick BYO for some cars that are definitely NOT going to get the new Nav (i.e. X5, M5, etc) and they still show the old Nav. Then I did some that just got the new Nav (i.e. 650i), and they do indeed show the updated version.

I still stand by my theory from one month ago. Doesn't matter to me either way at this point, I've got an AH3 on order.
Originally Posted by dzaborn View Post
Man, if this is true, I am going to be upset. I waited for nearly 2 months in anticipation of the new Nav, and when it finally got rebuffed by seemingly everyone in the know, I went ahead and placed my order Oct. 27 and prodcution started Oct. 29 (SA).

At the time of my order, there had been chatter about the unavailability of German slots for 328's, and consequently I got an SA build. Could all of the remaining old Nav parts been in SA, hence the shift of production there?

I'm also going to be upset. I delayed my order "just in case," finally ordering on 10/26 because a) everyone (including my CA) seemed to be confidently predicting that the US F30 would not be getting the new Nav this model year, and b) I was scheduled for PW46, with a possible bump-up to PW45, which would still meet the rumored start date for the new nav. In addition, based on the research I had done to that point, I was fairly confident that the logistics would prevent an order entered late in the day on 10/26 (a Friday) from being in PW44.

So what happened? My darn car went into production 10/30 (the following Wednesday!) and as of today is in the body shop, with expected completion 11/8 (tomorrow, Thursday). Now I don't know whether the fact that it's being completed towards the end of PW45 makes it a PW45 car, or a PW44 as it was listed as "production started" last week?

If my car is a PW44 and the new nav comes out beginning PW45 I don't know what I'll do.