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Ambient Temp Sensor Ripped - Engine Light

Hey folks,

I'm a new guy in the forums and have only done cosmetic stuff to my 13 328ix.

Just this morning my undercarriage shield and left (driver side) wheel splash guard partially ripped away on the highway. I managed to drive home and take them off... but I noticed that my ambient temp sensor cable (blue) ripped right at the end of the sensor itself. And I think that triggered the check engine light.

Is that a possible light trigger?

If not, the other probable cause for the engine light could be that I've been notified that I'm due for service for about 1-2 weeks now - through the screen module, so perhaps an overdue message triggers the light. Otherwise, my car is in great mechanical shape.

More importantly, I'm just concerned about what happens if I decide not to get the ambient temp sensor rewired/fixed.

Does you have knowledge or experience with that? What sort of issues I could face in the future, for ex. my AC system malfunctioning..

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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