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Burger Stage 1 N55 installed!!!

Just installed the Burger Stage 1 N55 over the weekend! The installation was very stupid simple. 2 connectors, shove the box under the paneling. It would be nice if the cable was 2" longer. It would lay in the cubby hole a little easier. Regardless, the install took all of 5 minutes if that. The great thing about it is being able to uninstall it prior to taking it in. No fault codes or knocking. Car started without a hiccup.

As for the power, there's plenty of it. When WOT, the shifting seems to take longer than previous but I'll have to compare with and without the harness. I believe it's because of the extra power that the transmission needs the extra time. This could also be why you see the Hartge video shifting at 6k. I'll have to try and do a few more WOT runs and play with different shift points. I don't have a g meter so it will all be based on feeling.

That said, can anyone recommend a g meter or whatever those timing things are called.