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Originally Posted by nsquared View Post
How much power is produced?

How does the tune affect ECO/Comfort and Sport?
Take this in reference that I only have driven the car for 50 miles since tune installed. I don't drive in ECO mode much so can't comment on that yet but I will try it and get back to you.

As for comfort and sport, both seemed to be affected the same amount. In part throttle or what I would consider normal driving, the tune provides a little more push back in the seat which is noticeable at RPMS's higher than 3k. At WOT, everything is more noticeable across the entire rev range. The car pulls really hard. There's no thought of "well maybe I can feel the extra power." You can definitely feel the power. I'm actually surprised at how hard the car pulls. My previous car was an '06 997S and the amount of torque generated from the F30 at 3.5k is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if the F30 stg 1 wasn't faster than the 997S in a straight line. I can't wait to get it on the track. Though, I am worried about the over boosted brakes and suspension which seems to be way undersprung and underdamped.

I'm driving the car today and I'll have to pay more attention to the power and where it's felt in different driving situations. I have to admit at $379 for the stage 1 tune, it's worth a try. I'm totally convinced. I was a little apprehensive reading some things on the other boards but my car idles fine, I don't have any knocking or odd behavior. Of course, that could change. But after I installed the harness, the car fired right up without any hiccups or change in idle. Call me a happy customer. All that with the crappy California gas!

I just ordered my track tires and rims so I'll have to look for an upcoming autox or track day. I may take out the harness as it will bump me up in class at an autox. Possibly try it on a fun run.