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Originally Posted by stom_m3 View Post
Ok, so tonight i was able to do a couple of 0-60mph runs with and without the stage 1 harness. I downloaded a $0.99 app called Speedometer Pro. Good, bad, ugly, the app was cheap and seemed to do what I needed it to do in the 5 seconds it took me to find an app and download it.

Keep in mind that this was not done scientifically whatsoever. Once I figured out how the program worked, I did only one hard run with and without the harness. Could I have refined and quickened my times? Yes, but I didn't have all night and I didn't want to piss all the neighbors off while I wore out my tires.

Also, I wouldn't really look at the times as end all be all numbers. I would say that achieving a quicker time was a whole lot easier with the harness than without. And, yes the harness is that easy to plug in and out. Between runs was about 3 minutes.

Ok, so enough with all of the non-scientific dummy statements already. I put the car in sports + mode and recorded my time. My 0-60 time without the stage 1 harness was 6.3s and with the stage 1 harness was 5.2s. I didn't throttle brake the car either. From a stop, I stomped on the gas and shifted with the paddles at 6-6.5k rpm's. I'm sure these numbers are well off what the car can do but same for same, it was easier to achieve a quicker time with the harness.

As for the shifting, the shifting is still quick with the stage 1 harness but I would say that the car has an easier time shifting with less power. When not WOT the shifting is the same. Possibly someone else can comment on the shifting who has the stage 1 tune.

Showing the two times. The time #1 was with the stage 1 harness, time #2 was without the harness. I'm a believer. The tune works.
I'm guessing that thing is quite a bit off, but still shows that there is noticeable difference with the tune. I think most magazines are showing sub 5 second 0-60 runs, and BMW claims low 5 seconds? That's what you're showing after the tune with that app.

I think I personally got around 5.3 without brake boosting (using the very scientific method of recording the speedo and whipping out a stop watch). I think I got 5.1ish with minimal brake boosting to 2k RPM.

I'd expect real world to see 4.7 or so with the tune and brake boosting?

I guess what matters more is 40-70 or something like that where traction and having to worry about brake boosting, etc comes into play.

But you said you weren't really trying to get the best times so that and the probably inaccuracy of the app is probably why the times seem slow (especially the first time without the tune). Good display in showing the pretty huge difference with and without though. ALthough, I dont think we should expect to get a 1 second difference 0-60 while giving it maximum effort in both cases (the car would be putting down 4 second flat 0-60s or less)