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Originally Posted by ep_83 View Post
So the 4 series is replacing the 2-door 3 series making it the new 2-door version of the 3 series and the 4 series GC is the 4-door version of the 4 series, but the 4 series GC is not the same as the 4-door 3 series which means that while the 4 series is a 2-door version of the 3 series, the 3 series is not the 4-door version of the 4 series, because well, that would just be silly... and then there's the 3 series GT.
and just to make things worse, the M3 has the same front as the M4!!...i guess that's why there probably wont be an M4GC........euuuh, do i want the same car, same performance,same interior,4 doors but with 1inch lower roof or not?!?!?!?!or maybe frameless doors or not????

PS: I 'm not against the concept of a 4 doors coupe, I think the 6GC is great but, for god sake, the 5 and the 6 are two different cars, with different interiors and exteriors, so its simple to choose which...but 3 and 4 are almost identical!!!!

And what's even worse BMW didn't do any single little effort to at least give some different color options for exterior and interior, just to make us, maybe, take a decision based on different options....

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