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Originally Posted by Staszek View Post
Its called profits, do you even want a 3 series in the future? Heck do you even want a BMW in the future.

Sorry but if they pulled out all the "luxury items" in these cars the only people who would buy them are the true enthusiast, which honestly dont amount to a hill of beans.

We are at best less then 10% of the BMW buying public. It would turn BMW into a niche player which is great for enthusiast, but with the over head the BMW has and the amount they currently sell it would bring them right under.

So I think we need to stop talking about roll up windows and non powered seats in a 3 series, it just isnt going to happen, and honestly its not feasible.

Now what they could do though is bring some of the Euro versions over, such as the club sports with the 4 cyc they are really nice and light, or bring the CSL over. You wouldnt sell many, but enthusiasts get what they want, and everyone else gets the other 3 series models.
Mostly good points, but it is possible to get a 3 series without power seats; a friend bought an '06 with manual seats from dealer stock. But why is the 3 only $35k+ car that charges extra for power seats? And why can't we have cloth seats instead of plastic?
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