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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
The engine will respond differently when not under load remember. Not experienced this but I've not looked for it to be honest!
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I got the same problem but since I'm a new owner of 328i i have to say base on my experience with other cars.... might be auto on/stop engine kicking in.
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Definitely not ASS lol, otherwise it would drop from 3000rpm to Ready! Wouldn't worry about it guys! Unless it does it under load (whilst driving), I'd forget about it.
Thanks for your replies guys. I found out why. Mine has manual transmission; and when I rev the engine, I tend to have the clutch stepped down and transmission engaged in 1st. Apparently, BMW put in a rev limiter that limits the engine to about 3k to 3.5k rpms when the clutch is disengaged. When I was reving the engine, my revs went down because I hit the limit. Not sure why BMW did this though.... I was thinking it can be some kind of "launch control" type of thing that would make launches more efficient by limiting unnecessary rubber burning when engaging the clutch fast.

What do u think?