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Originally Posted by Eschmacher View Post
If tokenmaster were smart, he would do the same thing with 2.9 or maybe even an old 3.0 version. But something tells me he won't, then we'll get a keygen for the newer versions, people will start selling keys again, he'll get mad, rinse and repeat.
It seems to be a self-inflicted injury. If only he had provided what he offered, instead of ignoring people who had tried honestly to jump though his hoops, then there would have been little or no demand for paid-for piracy. Of the two current freely-available fixes, at least one does not misuse his program. The other may do, but the provider doesn't receive any financial reward. I briefly tried TM's new version on W10 1903 but it wouldn't work. Since I can already choose from two usable solutions that are unlikely to contain time-bombs, I didn't feel inclined to pursue it.