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Originally Posted by FIDDYgg View Post
I had the same thought, I added about 8 psi after I noticed the sidewall rolling over and was coming off the track hot around 46psi, it was a cold day as well.

All of my tire pressure experience has been with motorcycle slicks running 25-36lbs hot so I was a bit lost on pressures for the F30.

What are you guys running for cold pressures? Target hot pressure?
I ran mine (throw away cheap track tires to beat on, achiles ATR sport 2's) typically around 40psi hot, so in the ballpark, BUT different tires with different sidewall strengths can differ in what an optimal pressure would be, plus the grip the tires offer can also affect how much sidewall rolling there may be, as grippier tires have higher peak lateral grip which will increase sidewall deflection under load.

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