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Angry BMW Ult. Care not covering brake/rotors (rant)

I have a '16 435i I bought in 2018 with CPO. The CPO is expiring soon but I also have the Ultimate Care +2 which covers brake pads + rotors which is the subject of this post. The brakes have been squeaking on accel and decel around 10-15mph so I brought it in for a diagnosis. The advisor said it was caused by brake dust and there's a lip on the rotor. He quoted me $1100 to "disassemble and clean front and rear" or "replace front brakes and rotors for $1966." I told them the Ult. Care says it covers brakes and rotors once they're at the replacement limit (I'm close but not there yet) but he says even if they were at the limit it wouldn't be covered because it's not wear and tear, it's due to brake dust.

I am livid lmao. I was like is he really trying to tell me that brake dust is not normal? Brakes give off brake dust when used?? Then he says "of course brakes are going to have brake dust, you as the owner still need to wash and clean. The reason is due to brake dust building up and not being cleaned as needed." I wash my car twice a month and I clean the rims and brakes the best I can without taking the entire wheel and brake assembly off. I don't have the tools to take off the wheel/brakes/rotors, nor do I know how - and even if I did, I bought the warranty for $2500 for a reason?? It covers 72mth or 100k mi. I'm currently at 34k mi.

Also when I looked on the forums about how much it costed others to do all 4 pads + rotors + labor for a similar year they were quoted around $1500 - $2000. BMW SF really wanted me to pay $1900 for JUST THE FRONTS?? Or $1100 to take them off, clean, and put them back on?? I don't understand.

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