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ID4 to ID5/ID6 upgrade


I have a 2016 330e F30 with a ID4 headunit, touch control and 8.8" screen with ATM. I'm looking at changing the headunit to ID6 but I'm new to this and have a few questions.


I have read that it's better to look for a late 2018 version. Is this due to the ID version that's installed? Would it be better to buy a HW4.1 unit from another F chassis? I've seen a unit from a 2020 4 series, would there be any problems with this?


So I've installed esys and have the enet cable. I've connected to the car so know that is working fine. I've found the below steps on the forum which are very useful from AMarston.

1) Physically install the NBT EVO ID6 unit to the car
2) Turn on the car ignition and open Esys
3) Open External Applications -> Transmitter
4) Run the 'readVin' job to discover VINs against ECUs
5) Capture Donor VIN of Head Unit
6) Switch over to 'FSC Extended' tab
7) Connect to 0x63 and Identify
8) Use the WriteVIN job to update the vin of the donor HU with my own VIN
9) Switch over to 'Coding' Tab
10) Activate the FA
11) Read ECU
12) Right Click the HU NBT and Code

I then just need to purchase FSC codes for my VIN on the new iDrive unit and inject?

Are there any other steps I need to include?

I have a Harman Kardon system, does this need to be coded in the new headunit?

Do I have to code which touch controller I have?

Any help would be appreciated.