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You need to install the HU, write the VIN CPS to the HU using FSC extended, as above - this will be your own VIN from your car, the full 17 digits.

Go to the Expert > Coding Tab, read out your FA then edit and change the production date to 0317 (March 2017)

Save and go back.

Read ECU's, find the Headunit in the SVT list, right click on the folder and click "Code" - this will code the correct options of your car to the headunit.

If you are not swapping the screen for an APIX 2 screen and sticking with the APIX 1 screen that came with your car, then that presents a couple of issues:

1st - you need to FDL code the headunit for APIX1 as after VO coding above, the screen will show "No Signal" - FDL code:


then click "Code FDL"

you should have the screen working now.

If the Headunit has firmware later than 03-2018 then you will get random black screens using the APIX1 display - this is a firmware issue, nothing can be done, so either use an APIX2 screen or you need a headunit with earlier firmware or flash this unit to that version, but that brings it's own issues...

If you need an APIX2 screen, I know of one for 150 and it is mint

Next thing you need to do is activate the headunit to your VIN, drop me a PM I can help you with that for free.