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Originally Posted by Phantom10R View Post
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I have been going back and forth on which hpfp option I plan on buying and have emailed all the big names with questions.
I have been leaning towards dorch because MHD has the option included so I don't have to worry about tuning changes for the pump to operate.
Now I messaged spool and they said if I check the dorch option in MHD tune settings it would work with their hpfp.

So basically if anyone here has MHD and a Spool hpfp would you be willing to test this out for me and let me know if it truly operates the same?
Hopefully someone comes through for me but I understand it's asking alot. Thanks in advance if anyone helps out.
just get the dorch
The reason why I'd rather get the spool is because for my cars build running a e30-e50 tune with my ps2 would be maxing out a dorch stg1. While spools fx150 would cover my fueling needs for a few hundred bucks less then the dorch stg2 pump. I understand that it's not a huge deal since I'm already dropping like 4k for the turbo and pump but it's still a decent savings.