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Do you know if spool sent him a free replacement hpfp when his failed? I'm definitely going to see what I can find out about this failure point because that would make me stay away from spool. I am already running the AN full tank to hpfp braided fuel line and their ethanol sensor and it's a nice kit for 200 less the fuel-its offering.
Yup, Spool sent him a new one, but he had to spend time diagnosing and I don't know if his shop charged him double labor.

If you're not getting this knocked out in the next couple weeks, I'd wait to see who has the better Black Friday sale.
Yeah I can hold off a few weeks and just run the mhd ots ps2 map with stock fueling. My best option would be dorch stg2 so maybe it will be on sale otherwise I'll go spool. Thanks for the input.
Yea it is I had a similar problem the hpfp just wasn't holding pressure I told them they gave me options about how to check it and then switched it out for me and even did 1 day shipping as it's my daily was really good and nice even tried to give me solutions and work with me and last resort was switch out the pump which ending up happening how she's good.
Oh yeah that is good to know it sounds like they took care of you. I'm not so worried about having to change the pump since I do it myself and have already done it once before. Not saying I want to buy a pump that fails just not as huge of a deal so ce it's not my daily and I wouldn't have to pay twice if it fails.

I think I'm going to wait until black friday sales and if the dorch stg2 isn't on sale I'll go spool fx150.

I really appreciate your input here man. Thanks you made my decision much easier.

Are you running a upgraded turbo and/or ethanol mix?
Yea that's what I would do as well. I'm running a bb 3.4 turbo kit on 93 though as we don't have e85 anywhere reasonable near me otherwise I would go e50 and send it.