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Originally Posted by Judah View Post
In response to the original senseless posting:

Are the images on the first page from SA also ?

In those images I see quite a few uniform variations, (including someone wearing shorts) and not everyone has gloves on.
U mean those still pics? They're from the good old BMW plant in München, Deutschland of all places.
Seriously, there's a good reason why some ppl in the plant wear different shirts & that's cos to signify their ranking on the line or their respective workstation. The leader/head always wear different colours so if there're any problems they can be located quickly to solve problems & hence minimise line downtime. If u look in the Rosslyn vid u can see there are different colours but they're not random.
Also, it's obvious that the QC guys will not wear gloves cos their job depends on tactile feedback (e.g. paintwork imperfection etc).
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