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Pedestrian protection and restraint system faults - ACSM dead?

I had two faults occurred totally out of nothing on the iDrive and cluster:
1. Pedestrian protection system fault
2. Restraint system

The was no impact to the car or anything as such, ordinary start of ignition in the morning and both faults on.

I scanned it with ISTA and ACMS is keep comming up with the fault that cannot be deleted from ISTA level. The action in service section say's "Replace the control unit" which I'm not so keen on doing at the moment as I'm not sure if it will cure the fault.

Another fault on ISTA was battery faulty or worn out so I now replaced the battery suspecting that it could have impact on ACSM but still the same.

I tried reset fault with F01.prg in ToolSet32 and job status was OK but when I tried to lock airbag with acms4 it's coming up with ECU CONDITION NOT CORRECT

Any advice gents? I'm only beginner level and all I've done thus far was based on the information gathered from the forum....
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