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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
LMAO. Porsche Taycan lapping a broken down Tesla at the Nurburgring. What a Musktake it was to bring this thing to the ring.
well, let's be fair here.
They brought 2 Model S. They prep-ed and setup the whole thing, including the now in-famous diesel generator super-chargers, in less than 1 week.
One broke down, but the other beat the Taycan by a huge 20s. Granted, that's unofficial timing, taken by hand and based not on visual, as the finish line was over the hill. But the Taycan's time is also unofficial.
Tesla was not in the list of manufacturer's private test schedule, which takes months to reserve. It was also their first time on the Ring, as opposed to Porsche who has the Ring as their dev back yard.
We should give them props for the attempt. They will do it again in a few months.