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Originally Posted by Lobb View Post
From a rolling start perhaps, but there's no way a 335i auto will run 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. When BMW used to sell them in the UK, they quoted 5.2, which correlated with the UK press figures.

For reference, the more powerful, M135i was quoted by BMW UK at 4.8 seconds.
C&D got 4.6 with xdrive -

It's all about tires, wheels, driver, and road surface. When I first got my car I timed quite a few launches (stupid I know). Some where as low as 5.3 and some were over 7, even 8 seconds.

I thought it was interesting how much a bit of extra slippage or a sloppy shift or traction control (if enabled) could affect the times, while at the same time not making much of a perceptible difference in terms of actual driving experience. You can have slow runs that feel fast and fast runs that feel slow.

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